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IAI KFIR C2/C7 1. Include both C2/C7 parts (instrument panel, ejection seat, nose, sensor); 2. Include the C7 LGB sensor; 3. Positional flats (level and down) 4. Weapon - Python 3, Mk.82 snakesys, CB-20 Cluster Bomb, GBU-12 LGB; 5. Pylon for C2 and C7 "bomber" configuration 6. Include sub-sonic and supersonic wing tank (C2 and C7) 7. Detail NLG,MLG gear bay 8. Canopy emergency release glass with clear part 9. 1/48 BY KINETIC THIS KIT IS THE BASIS FOR THE NEW SCALEWORX CHEETAH C 1/48 PRIVATE IMPORTED ITEM

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Product Code: K48046-MB1806
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